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In this blog post, I explain why I chose to create my dev blog in a fully open source manner and all the advantages with this approach. I planned creating my own developer blog for a while but wasn't satisfied with the common setups normally chosen. As an engineer, I preferred to treat my blog as yet another software project and therefore had the following requirements:

less is more

linkThe Setup

linkSource Code Management

Per the requirements I set, GitHub was a clear choice as my source code management. You can see the blog's repo here.
Nothing special to add here :)

linkStatic Pages Framework

There are lots of open source site generators, Gatsby and Hexo to name a few.
I eventually chose CodeDoc as the site generator for a few reasons:

linkLocal Debugging

CodeDoc's CLI has a codedoc serve command that automatically monitors all the local files, converts the relevant Markdown files to html and updates the local server, so http://localhost:3000 always has the updated version.
This allows me to see how the final website looks like during "development" (adding more content).

linkPublishing Website On Merge

This is exactly the purpose of GitHub Pages! I just configured my repository to publish my master branch as GitHub Pages and that was basically it. so simple and efficient!


I used GitHub Actions to call Semantic Release upon merge to master. If you are interested - here is the action configuration.
This automatically creates a GitHub release and a nice and clear release notes, according to my commit messages. Feel free to see all of the blog's releases.

linkOpen Source Approach Advantages

This open source approach supplies some decent advantages, here are a few:

linkEase Of Management

This approach makes the website development cycle a regular software development cycle, making it super easy to maintain:


I added Snyk's vulnerability test badge at the page header, so every viewer can see the security status of the blog:
snyk badge


I hope I made it clear why I chose to build this blog the way I did, feel free to reach out for any questions! This blog post will be followed by a more technical post about the CI/CD process of this blog.

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